[Audio + Video] You Are Glorious – Adeola Akinleye | @Akins4sure

[Audio + Video] You Are Glorious - Adeola Akinleye | @Akins4sure

“You Are Glorious” is one track off the album “You Are Glorious” written by Adeola Akinleye & assisted by Akin for AkDee Music’Medics & Production Services.

It testifies about God’s faithfulness upon our lives through His unending love and ever abiding grace & mercy. He’s been glorious! Let us sing, hail Him and dedicate our lives to His service and His glory will always radiate upon us.

The song is accompanied by a beautiful video shot by a3 Visuals.

See video below:



Adeola popularly called “Ma Ak” is a spirit- filled worshiper and a gifted songwriter; whose passion for God and song writing is insatiable and unquenchable respectively.

As an Electrical Engineering graduate, she has dedicated her entire live to songwriting and achieving her sole dream to worshiping and singing to glorify God’s name. She is married to Akin A. Akinleye (Ak), who shares in the same dream with her and together they’re jointly dedicated & devoted to touching lives and healing souls through their music to the glory of God.

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They are happily married and blessed with wonderful children; MofehintOluwa, MofiyinfOluwa & MorayoOluwa.

Social media handles:
Facebook: Akin A. Akinleye
Instagram: Akins4sure
Twitter: @Akins4sure

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