Moriiye (Remix) – Araleyi Ft Olubamise

Moriiye (Remix) - Araleyi Ft Olubamise

Rising gospel minstrel and broadcaster, Araleyi has released a brand new worship song titled MORIIYE which means “I Have Found Life.”

“MORIIYE Remix is a song given to me by the Holy Spirit with a divine inspiration. We will  never understand what the death of Jesus Christ is, if we don’t genuinely give our life to christ. My new song MORIIYE Remix is a pure worship song that makes us understand how much God loves us no matter how difficult we think our situation is. Its a song that tells you how to react to the accuser (Satan) by saying MORIIYE (I have found life and mercy from him who forgives and gives freely).” – Araleyi 


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