Toni Ajayi Unveils New Single “Don’t Give Up” [@toniajayii]

Toni Ajayi - Don't Give Up [@toniajayii]

Toni Ajayi is a fast rising gospel singer and an Environmental Engineer by training, who grew up in the city of Ibadan.

She started singing at an early age and at a point she realized that music was more than just a hobby but a way to reach out to people. She is highly spirited, jovial and a passionate lover of God and His kingdom. She is actively serving with the worship team at New Hope Community Church in Potsdam. She started music training and recording at Klinmix Studio in 2012 where she trained under Gbade Adetisola, a renowned music producer in the city of Ibadan, and worked as a backup vocalist for several gospel artists home and abroad

Her debut single ‘My Time’ was released in 2013, followed by ‘Mo Wa Dupe’ in 2016 and ‘He’s Alive’ in 2017. The song ‘Don’t Give Up’ clearly passes the message of encouragement that all situations and circumstances are working together for your good, no matter how negative they may seem. Out of the darkness, your light will rise and out of the ashes will beauty come forth. Now is the right time to lean into God’s strength and hold on to His promises. This song creates the path of hope through your situation, so that you can keep hope alive now and always. Amen. Be blessed.

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Troubled times surely come
You’ve got your back against the wall
And it feels like you’re never gonna make it through
Just remember when you cry
God is here to wipe your eyes
You may fail many times but you will surely rise


Don’t give up
God will come through for you, believe
It’s gonna be alright don’t you see?
Don’t give up
You gotta stay strong and hold on too
It’s all working for your good
Don’t give up

Verse 2:

Waiting long, hoping hard
Heaven sees your heavy heart
All the strength you’ll ever need is just a prayer away
Just remember God is near, you will never be alone
You may fall many times but you will surely rise

Chorus repeat

Bridge (twice):

They that wait upon the Lord
Shall renew their strength
They will mount on wings as eagles
Run and never faint

Chorus till fade

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Instagram: @toniajayi

Twitter: @toniajayii



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