Music: Omnipresent by Suny Iji | @sunyroxss

Music: Omnipresent by Suny Iji | @sunyroxss

Prolific singer / songwriter – Suny Iji is out with a brand new tune titled Omnipresent. This Christian rock single is definitely going to bless every listener.

“Our God has so many attributes through which He alone reserves the right to be God. One of them is the fact that He is not limited by space, time or location. The scripture reveals this in Psalms 139:7-12 and Ephesians 1:23 amongst others.

Wherever we are, the love of God can reach out to us and find us even when we feel all alone in need with none to help. He is faithful, complete, a God of wonders and fills everything with Himself. I pray this song reveals God’s omnipresence and greatness to you in Jesus name. Amen.” – Suny Iji


Suny Iji is a Nigerian songwriter, worship leader, an instrumentalist, a recording artiste and a Petroleum Engineer by training. He was born on the 2nd of December and originally hails from Benue state, Nigeria with ‘igede’ being his native dialect.

He is passionate about spreading the gospel to all parts of the world through his music and getting people to embrace the love of Jesus. Amongst other genres of music he does, he majors in Urban worship/Soft Rock music. He follows the likes of Hillsong worship, Jesus Culture, Bethel Music, Chris Tomlin to mention a few.

He serves as a chorister and worship leader under Dunamis Youth and Singles Ministry, Abuja.


Facebook: Suny Iji
Instagram: @suny_Iji
Twitter: @sunyroxss

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