Why Lecrae Has Been Silent?

Why Lecrae Has Been Silent

It’s been about a year since the release of the joint project by Lecrae & Zaytoven – Let the Trap Say Amen with Zaytoven. Since then, we’ve only had a few snippets of features here and there but nothing major from Gospel’s biggest rapper!

Lecrae is undoubtedly one of the front liners of Christian Hip Hop in the world today. His contributions cannot be swept under the carpet when talking about CHH.

The acclaimed rapper has however been silent for a while now – no new music. Why? We’ve been wondering also.

Well, it looks like Lecrae is working on a new album and according to him, it would be on a whole new level!

Lecrae has been very open about the fact that he’s been dealing some personal struggles and battles with insecurity and depression. It seems he is on the mend and in the place where God wants him to be. He is in the studio again recording some great tunes!

On the 27th of April, he tweeted:

“I’m in the best emotional and spiritual shape of my life, after being in the worst emotional and spiritual shape I’ve ever been in. I got a lot to say. #AlbumMode”

He also posted on Instagram:

“Working on an album in a new way. Inviting some of the most brilliant minds to help me create.”

On the 28th of April, he tweeted:

“God’s grace is greater than your biggest regret.”

Yesterday, he posted a picture from his visit to Stanford University on instagram with this caption:

“I grew up in dysfunction. I’ve lost friends. I’ve seen the prison system destroy my loved ones, but circumstances don’t stop God’s plans. What we’re building isn’t just for us, it’s for future generations to believe the impossible.”

Lecrae is working again!

When we know more about Lecrae, we’ll definitely let you know so stay tuned!

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