Donwin – Can’t Find It [Free Mp3 + Lyrics]

Donwin - Can't Find It [Free Mp3 + Lyrics]

Donwin releases brand new single titled “Can’t Find It”.

“Can’t Find It” is a reggae gospel song that talks about the greatness of the almighty God, who is the creator of the whole world. The song centres on the fact that God’s sovereignty has never and can never be disputed.

With its harmonious rhythm and the lyrics which is soul edifying, it has been arranged to meet our present day standard.l. The song has been used in churches by choirs and as a leading praise song. This awesome piece was produced by KEMZY KEM.

Godwin Okon, also known by the stage name DONWIN is a lover of music, A Gospel artist, song writer, vocalist who is always inspire by Gods word. He hails from Akwa ibom state, south south Nigeria. The praise singer worship with solid rock kingdom church. As a music director of a large choir crew, he has ministered in numerous concerts.

He is well known with the word, BLESSED.

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Donwin Can’t Find It – LYRICS!


Can’t find it,I can’t find it anyway,No where
I’hv search it ,Search all over the world
Can’t find it,No where, no no no no no no no no
No way, Can’t find it, No where.


Have you ever seen a God that is so unchangeable
This God is so so reliable.
Have you ever meet a God that is over powerful
His mighty name is Jesus, call him Jesus.


Have you ever seen a God that is so so beautiful?
At the same time,This God is handsome o yeah
Have you ever meet a God that is so so marvelous
I call Him the awesome God, But His name is Jesus

(spoken words)
Have search north, south, east, and west
Can’t find any God like
The God that can heal, that can save, None like Him
Blessed,Jesus you have done so much,here we go…


Nobody greater 3x (nobody greater)
Find it nowhere(nowhere)
Nobody mighty 3x (nobody mighty)
find it nowhere (nowhere)
Nobody greater 3x (nobody greater)

Say nobody (Nobody)

No no no no no no no no.
Can’t find it no where

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