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Sensational gospel artist, Alaine drops her debut single titled “God Is Not Dead.” The song was borne out of a deep fellowship with God and it assures us that our father in heaven can NEVER disappoint.

Sharing the inspiration behind the song, Alaine writes;

“The song came to me during one of my quiet meditation times when I was thinking about God’s promises to me about certain areas of my life and it suddenly dawned on me that God is NOT a man! It was like Numbers 23:19 suddenly came alive to me (God is not a man that He should lie, nor the son of man that He should repent). God is God and what He says, He has the power to actualize. He does not need any external influence or permission to do what He purposes. He does not have a reason to lie to anyone or about anything because He is God! He does not need to impress anyone or prove any point to anyone. Man on the other hand is conditioned by many influences (internal and external) to act in certain ways and say certain things most of the time for selfish reasons. Man (or self) usually sits at the center of things we do or say, not so with our heavenly Father who seeks the best for the ones He loves and calls His own.”



Men make promises and fail
Time and time we see them change
Lie and cheat to save our skins
And often time just keeping up appearances

God will do what He has said
Every promise that He’s made
His word spoken by His power
God is not a man (2x)

Verse 2
I have found a faithful friend so true
The source of light and all that’s good
He never fails, He remains the same
He’s first and last, He’s the Amen, He is Jesus

He will do what He has said…

He won’t lie (7x)
God is not a man
He won’t lie (7x)
God is not a man

Meet Alaine:

Alaine is a worshipper of Yahweh and a lover of Yeshua! She has been singing for as long as she has been conscious of her existence.

She began to be drawn to worship several years ago after her personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ on her sick bed as a 15 year old secondary school student.

She is currently a worship leader and Head of music department at the Guiding Light Assembly, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi.

She is a multitalented voice coach and a Project Management Professional with Information Technology experience.

Connect With Alaine on:

Telephone: 08022229199
Instagram: @edirinakalusi
Twitter: @EdirinAlaine
Facebook: Anne Akalusi


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