Justin Bieber, Friends Kick Christ-Inspired Freestyle To Paparazzi

A clip recently emerged of Justin Bieber going for a hike with his friends that resulted in a Christ-inspired freestyle. The Hollywood Fix put up the footage on YouTube and it’s pretty cool to see.

Despite some of his up and down moments during the past couple of years, Bieber seems to have righted the ship as of late. One thing he has not been afraid to discuss over the years is his dedication to Christ.

Source: Rapzilla.com

A few years ago, the singer was baptized in NBA player Tyson Chandler’s tub by Pastor Carl Lentz. He also famously prayed backstage with Diddy and Kanye West before a show.

Following the release of his album Purpose, Bieber opened up about his relationship with God in an interview in Pastor Judah Smith’s church:

“I think my relationship with God has definitely grown over the past couple of years. I think what that does for me is it gives me some sort of security and it gives me an anchor, something to hold onto so I’m not just doing this myself. If we have to do this on our own it’s going to be way too tough having someone to count on is way special.”

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